Little LENNON in Artiseme

  • By Nadia Chair Tirado

Little LENNON in Artiseme

Once upon a time Timo had an amazing idea with my collection “ Littles” the Lennon character. Finally this year we made it with @alberto_latorre.  Everything started with Chris telling me that behind the Lennon wall existed a beautiful magic space a friend of his rented out and will call in a future  “ Artiseme” the founder Marek took me to that place one sunny day and i couldn’t believe my eyes! ☀️
First time i ever open that door i felt i was getting into a “ Narnia’s world” a big garden with the biggest tree i’ve ever seen ( i’m not american, not sequoyas here)  were the first things you will see at first 🍃 i smelled nature and history in that magic hidden world and few months later a cute local design shop was created just next the garden and the ancient tree. And just few weeks ago Shirin the manager of such a a magical place got some of my posters and postcards,  now you can find them in @by.artiseme

If you are local and still don’t know about it, you have to visit now ⚡️ .
~ Gracias 

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