Little Voucher - Choose yours

By ninalittleworld


Printable "Little Voucher"

Choose the option you wish. We have:

- Artist: Choose a character of our Littles series

- Customized individual

-  Customized couple

- Customized Family

Once all this hard period will be over, we will send you your physical poster at home :) meanwhile have a little voucher in your hand. 

If you choose Customized, we will need some pictures and a small description about the person you want to portrait.



This is an inspired collection about children, specially two little ones very important in my life: Michelle and Abril. The collection itself are children who sees themselves in a future like important or popular people through the history in the different kind of arts. From painters to musicians, those little ones want to be like all of them. The question is.. Who you wanted to be when you were a child?